Walk of Heroes Theft – Statue Area

We all saw the news, over December 15, 2017 and weekend, concerning the theft/vandalism at the WALK OF HEROES/Veterans War Memorial. On Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Sheriff Eric Levett, Rockdale County, held an update Press Conference and shared that there has been one arrest with additional warrants issued; and, that some items taken have been recovered. The TV Channels shared this in their evening news.

This destructive act has brought all aspects of the community together and we have been blessed that Sheriff Levett, and his staff, have gone above and beyond in solving this terrible deed

Our Board of Directors, and others, got to see the items recovered. Unfortunately, the two Statues and the Globe have been cut up and we do not know if they can be refurbished and reinstalled.

Since 12/15/17, we have responded to 600+ phone calls, E-Mails, etc. asking how they, or their organization, can make a donation to help us make all needed repairs and to help the Memorial move forward with planned expansion.

Thus, we now have the task of getting the Memorial back to whole, before the the theft/vandalism that occurred Friday morning 12/15/2017. This is in addition to our weekly/monthly/yearly tasks to insure the Memorial is continually moving forward with planned expansion and needed repairs. Our volunteer Board of Directors needs your help and involvement to insure this most unique Memorial stays a “must see/visit” site, where all visitors have the up close and personal opportunity to learn why Freedom Is Not Free.; and, appreciate the service and sacrifice of America’s finest sons and daughters.

Go to our web site click on “Theft/Vandalism” and view the pictures detailing the multiple sites that were damaged/destroyed. The low life that caused all this damage made off with 1,700 +/- pounds of bronze (Globe weighed 800 pounds and the two Statues weighed 450 pounds each), which sells for $1.72 a pound. That is $2,924 worth of medal from destroying the “Five Statues/Globe.” Plus they took several 14″ x 18″ Bronze Plaques and Military Emblems. They destroyed many other sites.

A rough estimate is that we have over $200,000 worth of items to replace; and, then add in needed repairs to damaged sites. While the County has “Insurance,” we have no idea of what that policy will provide. Plus, we have been told it will be months before we can get back any of the recovered items.

On behalf of the WALK OF HEROES “THANK YOU” to Billy Corey, U.S. Enterprises/Conyers, GA, and Rodger Rehorn, Rehorn Foundation/Conyers, GA, for putting up $5,000 each as the Reward. A “tip” has lead to two current arrests and opening the investigation to open in a very fast pace. There are warrants for others.

We do not want to use this attack, on the hollowed ground of the WALK OF HEROES, to raise funds; but, we are going to need to raise funds to: 1. Insure all the specific sites, that were vandalized, are repaired/replaced/fixed; 2. Accomplish all previously scheduled and needed repairs throughout the Memorial; 3. Move forward with expansion.

We understand that everyone has just financed Christmas and is planning for 2018; but, we must reach out in our attempt to overcome the damage done. There is no good time to ask for donations; and, all of us have our unique and specific endeavors we support. Plus, I share with everyone that if we have to choose whether to donate to a “bricks and mortar project” (ie. a memorial) or to a “people project” (ie. disaster relief or Salvation Army, etc.), you always choose “people project.”

If you can do so and will, we need your donation. We are establishing a unique set aside account, within our checking account, to place donations to the WALK OF HEROES, concerning all that is on our current list of action items.

Thus, our Board of Directors will maximize the use of all donations. We ask that if you are writing a check,, please make it out to Walk of Heroes and write in the “for/remarks” for theft/vandalism; and, mail it to P. O. Box 289, Conyers, GA 30012. .

You can go to our web site and use PayPal or Credit Card and designate your donation to theft/vandalism. Please insure we have your contact info ( name, E-Mail and mail address,) so we can keep you updated on the success moving forward and to invite all to a “re-dedication” event. We want to show everyone that the community stepped up and that we are very focused and dedicated people in overcoming “speed bumps” placed in our path through life. Hopefully, we will see the thieves behind bars

Besides, taking care of the above, you can honor a veteran by placing a PAVER Order, on our web site. We are currently updating our web site and a new “picture” will be coming soon.

Let us stay positive as we accomplish this endeavor. The Memorial is back open daylight to dark (closed on Wednesdays). Our volunteer Board of Directors will continue to enhance this most unique Memorial and continue to move forward as planned.

Thank you!

Tommy Clack
JOHN 15:13
President/Chairman of the Board
WALK OF HEROES/Veterans War Memorial

We are grateful for any amount you can contribute towards the reconstruction from the damages incurred from the recent vandalism to our grounds as well as the theft that occurred via the link below.


Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Damage to Middle Statue
Theft - Statue Area
Damage to Shed
Theft - Rods Rope Missing
Theft - Damage at Wall Stage Area
Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Theft - Can Taken
Theft - Quotes S Missing
Theft - Statue Area S Missing on Quote
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing at Top
Theft - Sign from Entrance
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Theft - 2 Bronze Plaques Missing
Theft - S From Quote on ground
Statue Area
Theft - Army Marine Logo Missing
Damage to Fountain
Damage to Fountain
Theft - Direction Sign Taken
Theft - Statue Area S Missing on Quote
Theft - Statue Area
Theft - Statue Area