About The Memorial

The Walk of Heroes – Veterans War Memorial is developed around a ‘visual and interactive’ concept to cultivate a public understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans on the battlefields during and since the 20th century and by their families whose sacrifices helped to protect and maintain the freedom enjoyed by Americans today.

The difficulties associated with these sacrifices are accentuated by placing a representation of wartime against that of peacetime in order to further instill in visitors’ minds the fact that freedom is not free.

The Warfront section will portray the hardships veterans and America faced during the many conflicts of wartimes and across the many war zones.

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The Homefront section will portray the hardships and changes necessitated at home when members of the military were called upon to leave loved ones behind to fight the many battles across the seas.The peaceful atmosphere in the Walk of Heroes and the War Enclaves will provide an appropriate setting for all visitors to reflect upon the multitude of sacrifices made and to truly appreciate the freedom enjoyed by generations of Americans.